Our Vision
Through joyful, meaningful and integrated learning, our students become constructive and creative thinkers who will contribute responsible, compassionate, and cross-cultural perspectives to the global community.

Enlightenment is compassion and understanding.

To cultivate enlightenment:

Children discover that work is its own reward, that fundamentals — like the basic geometric shapes — are the basis for complexity.

Adults use clear and direct language; they give lessons with precision and knowledge.

Children work non-competitively in mixed-age groups, giving each other support and positive feedback.

Adults provide an ethical and beautiful environment; they ensure that lessons are carefully tailored and well-timed.

Wisdom is insight and harmony.

To cultivate wisdom:

Children learn to listen to and make room for others, and express their opinions thoughtfully; they also develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and the world they inhabit.

Adults model constructive communication skills, decorum, and explain clearly that positive actions have positive outcomes.

Children practice listening carefully to lessons and using materials thoughtfully; they treat all others, peers and adults as well as living organisms, with regard and consideration.

Adults model active listening and multicultural awareness; they give lessons and offer guidance with conscientiousness.

Integrity is honesty and forthrightness.

To cultivate integrity:

Children develop self-awareness and motivation, and an understanding of the impact of their thoughts and actions.

Adults provide open guidance and follow-through, act with consistency and demonstrate dependability.

Children come to understand that telling the truth and seeking it are the foundation for peace, growth, and fulfillment.

Adults offer safety and understanding; to resolve conflict, they act promptly and decisively.

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